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    All reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card. Cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the initial service date to receive a full refund. Refunds may take 5 business days to complete. We comply with all Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and New Orleans Port Authority regulations and directives.

    Passengers may be asked to reclaim their luggage prior to boarding the aircraft or cruise ship to comply with Federal Security Regulations in the event of randomly increased security measures. Advance Check-In is not responsible for delays incurred as a result of such requirements. All bags must be closed, Advance Check-In! is not responsible for items lost from bags not properly closed.

    In the course of normal handling your luggage may show evidence of wear and tear. In addition, the automated systems used by the cruise lines, airlines and Advance Check-In! may cause scratches or nicks during handling. Like most major luggage handlers, we don't accept liability for damage to checked luggage such as: Broken wheels or feet, lost pull straps, minor cuts and scratches, damage resulting from over packing, damage to retractable luggage handles, fragile, perishable or antique items damaged during transport, items unsuitably packed or unsuitable for transport, damage resulting from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or Customs and Border Protection agency inspections. All damages must be brought to the attention of Advance Check-In! right away, all claims forms must be completed within 24 hours of the travel date.

  • FeeNumber of bags
    $25For 1 bag
    $40For 2 bags
    $15For each additional bag